Frustrated Man Chops Off His Genitals, Offers To Lord Shiva

**Bhanjanagar(Ganjam): ** In a very bizarre incident, a 50-year-old man named Natiya Nayak of Alasu village under Jagannathprasad PS cut off his genitals and offered it in the temple of Lord Shiva as a protest to his unheeded prayers.

Notably, Natiya was entrapped in guilt of not being able to borne any child. He had gone to the Kulangi village’s Neelakanteswar temple to observe penance and invoke the Lord’s blessings but he did not get the desired results. So in a fit of rage, he chopped off his genitals with a sharp object and offered it to the Lord.

The excruciating pain which engulfed him was unbearable and he started screaming, hearing which the villagers rushed towards the temple. The Gangpur police rushed to the spot and informed 108 ambulance, after which the man was rushed to Bhanjanagar hospital.

His condition deteriorated and he was later referred to MKCG Hospital in Berhampur.

The villagers are now bent upon purifying the premises of the temple by conducting yagnas and ritualistic prayers.