Ganesh Puja Preparation: 1 Student Killed, 5 Critically Injured In Bee Attack

**Rayagada:** A student named Debadas Kuhika (8) studying in Class II got killed and 5 were critically injured in Rayagada on the eve of Ganesh Puja due to bee attack. They had reportedly gone to a nearby forest area to collect mango leaves and flowers for the decoration of Ganesh Puja to be conducted in their Karubai Ashram School.

Notably, on Wednesday evening some students went to the nearby forest area about 2 kms away from their school to collect the needful items needed for the celebration. It is reported that one of the older children hit a beehive on a mango tree with a stone and ran away. The younger ones were unable to run fast and were caught by the bees.

Surprisingly, the incident occurred at 4 pm and the child allegedly died in the hostel. The other injured children were admitted to the hospital the next day morning at 4 am.

Talking to media persons, Rayagada Collector Mrs. Guha Poonam Tapas Kumar said, “A high level probe will be conducted in this incident as to why there was a delay in the hospitalization of students and under what circumstances did the children go to the forest area without anyone to supervise them. I deeply condole to the parents of the child who lost his life. But, action will be taken against the persons found accused for this mishap.”

Two days ago, a man died and one youth was taken critical after being stung by bees in Jharigaon block of Nabarangpur district.

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