General Elections-2019: BJD Objects To ECI’s Four-Phase Polls In Odisha

**Bhubaneswar: ** Even though the Election Commission of India (ECI) announced yesterday the election dates for both the nation-wide Lok Sabha constituencies and Odisha Assembly constituencies, ruling BJD today objected to the four-phase this time instead of the two-phase poll dates being conducted previously.

In his reactions, BJD IT Cell chief Amar Patnaik said, “In 2009 and 2014, there had been elections in two phases. Earlier to it also there had been two phases. It had been done by the Election Commission because of naxal problem in Odisha. The two phases helped the security forces to move from one place to another.”

“Now the extremism or naxal problem is extremely minimum. No such problem is there,” he argued.

He further argued, “The seats of Andhra Pradesh are double to that of Odisha. In Tamil Nadu there are 39 parliamentary seats. Gujarat has also seats more than Odisha. All these States are having single phase election. But in Odisha in four phases.”

“The four-phase election is also in West Bengal. It means, BJP is very weak in Odisha and all these States. As BJP is weak, the leaders have influenced the Election Commission for which the four-phase election in Odisha,” complained the BJD leader.

OMMCOM NEWS tried to reach BJP for its counter reactions, but the sources remained unreachable despite concerted efforts made.

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