Giant ‘Telia Bhola’ Fish Caught In Sunderbans, Sold For Over Rs 36 Lakh

Balasore: Fishermen of neighbouring West Bengal’s 24-Parganas district were awestruck upon catching a gigantic ‘Telia Bhola’ fish measuring about 7 feet in length, taller than a man, weighing 78.4 kilos from the creek linked to the Kapura river in the Sunderbans.

The fish caught on Saturday afternoon was later brought to the Canning market for auction in the evening.

The giant fish was auctioned for a whopping Rs 36, 53,605, said a fisherman.

It is for the first time, such a huge fish was brought to the Canning market for auction, the fisherman added.

He said that it was bought by a Kolkata-based fish trading company.

The giant fish, colloquially known as ‘Telia Bhola’, has immense medicinal value.

The blubber of this fish has huge demand in the overseas markets and is exported for use in the manufacture of medicines.

Local Fisherman