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Govt Social Security Schemes Elude 65-Yr-Old Destitute Dhenkanal Woman

Dhenkanal:  Despite the myriad of social security schemes being implemented by both the Central and State Government for the welfare and sustenance of our needy citizens, a lot of hapless persons are still left out and yet to reap the benefits.

A glaring case in point is 65 years old widow Shantilata Mahakud of Kantapala village under Kamakshyanagar block in the district here.

While her husband died 7 months ago, she is fending for herself all alone as no one is there for support at the time of need.
Her dwelling house is in a shambles. Needless to mention the miseries she has been suffering during rains and extreme weather conditions. Besides, she has no free electricity facility.

She revealed that she receives only 5 kg rice per month which is a meagre amount to meet both ends.
In her reactions, the destitute old woman rued, “I receive no help from the government. My husband has expired. I’m a widow living alone at home. No children with me. I’ve also got an eyesight problem. No electricity facility here. I am in extreme trouble. I desperately appeal for help from the government.”

She further lamented, “My husband used to receive a monthly pension. Now, I’m deprived of that soon after his death. Unable to afford even for my emergent medical expenses, let alone daily diet needed at this age. Our Asha didi helped me a lot during my illness and now I’m alive.”

“Can I survive on only 5 kg rice?,” quipped Shantilata with a heavy heart.

Shantilata Mahakud


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