Green Corridor For Ambulance Saves Hundreds On Rath Yatra

Bhubaneswar: At least 160 people in distress were rescued and rushed to safety in the midst of a sea of devotees on the Bada Danda at Puri today.

It was possible because of well-coordinated efforts among volunteers, police staff, stretcher-bearers, ambulance drivers, doctors and paramedics stationed in Puri on the occasion of Rath Yatra.

Chief District Medical Officer of Puri, Dr Sujata Mishra said that it was all well planned with a number of recce before Rath Yatra. “We had eight ambulances facing the Jagannath temple, all queued up on one side of the Bada Danda.”

There were at least 160 cases of people suffering from suffocation, dehydration, minor injuries and freak accidents on the sea beach as well. Fortunately, all of them resuscitate and discharged healthily from the district headquarters hospital, Dr Mishra said.

“There was no casualty and around 160 persons were provided medical attention on time and treated. It was all very smooth and fast with 15 to 20 doctors and as many paramedics on duty,” she added.

This year during Rath Yatra on Friday there were a record 1,400 volunteers from many oganisations like the Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance, etc.

“Most importantly, it was the green corridor which facilitated uninterrupted movement of the emergency vehicles, and we could save lives,” Dr Mishra added.