Groom Prefers Green Marriage, Takes ‘Dowry’ Of 1001 Saplings In Odisha

**Kendrapara:** A 33-year-old school teacher refused dowry and instead received 1,001 saplings on his wedding here on Saturday.

A green marriage was solemnized in the simplest form with 1001 saplings of fruit-bearing trees and no loud music or bursting of firecrackers during the procession.

The groom, Saroj Kanta Biswal Biswal, a Science teacher at Jagannath Vidyapith in Choudakulata village of Kendrapara surprised his in-laws when he declined to take any dowry for marrying Rashmirekha Paital, also a schoolteacher.

After his father-in-law insisted that he has to give dowry, Biswal asked him to give 1001 saplings of fruit-bearing trees. The young teacher distributed about 700 saplings of mango and ‘bakul’ tree among the people of his village Balabhadrapur amidst blowing of conch. He said that he chose fruit-bearing trees as people are inclined to nurture such trees.

As the convenor of ‘Gachha Tiye Pain Saathi Tiye’ (friend for a tree) organisation, he have been spreading the message of the need to plant trees and save the planet from global warming and climate change.

Biswal hosted a reception in honour of his wife at his village and distributed over 300 saplings that he had got as dowry. He also avoided the use of plastic and polythene articles and requested his guests to do the same in their lives.

Maheswar Paital, his father-in-law said that he is extremely proud of his son-in-law. He added that his son-in-law has shown that environment can be saved by deed and not by mere words.

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