Gurukul Ashram Minor Boy Alleges Sexual Assault By 3 Minor Hostel Inmates & Teacher

**Rourkela:** A Std-VI boy of the Gurukul Vedic Ashram has levelled allegations of sexual assault against three other inmates (two of Std-VII and one boy of Std-IX) and a teacher of that educational institution.

The mother of that 10-yr-old student has filed an FIR against the four accused in the Brahmanitaranga PS.

But the Secretary of Gurukul Ashram has refuted these allegations. According to him, “These allegations of the student are totally baseless, false and fabricated. The boy did not want to stay in the hostel and when he went back, he fabricated the story to defame the institution.”

The police have started its investigation in this matter. The Child Welfare Committee has also sprung into action, according to sources.


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