Hasty Unlock May Land Us In Danger, Warns DMET

Bhubaneswar: Any hasty decision to unlock or do away with weekend shutdown will spell danger, warned Director of Medical Education & Training (DMET) Dr CBK Mohanty.

“Decision will be taken after evaluating the situation. If it’s taken hastily we will surely land in danger,” stated Dr Mohanty responding to queries from reporters whether lockdown and weekend shutdown will be lifted since the Covid situation has improved in the State.

Further responding to a question from a reporter on the public demand for the opening of temples or places of worship in districts which are in the green zone, the DMET said, “See people will demand. They can raise a demand without giving a thought its consequences. But Government will take a call after evaluating the situation”.

Dr Mohanty opined that whenever restrictions are relaxed or lifted at a go in any country in kind of pandemic an upward surge has been noticed.

That has to be also taken into account, he added.

“We should first stay then we can think of relaxing restrictions,” the DMET said.

Responding to reporters quoting the Government of India that in the third wave severity will be less but there will be more cases of reinfections, Dr Mohanty asked, “Government of India has told many things on many occasions, how many of them have come true? So let’s see this time”.

The DMET once again reiterated that the mobile population was responsible for the higher Covid positivity rate in Bhubaneswar.

He said that more focus has been given to surveillance and is hopeful that cases will decline.