Hear Devotees’ Reactions On ‘Dhadi Darshan’ In Puri Temple

**Puri:** The new rule of ‘Dhadi Darshan’ (queue system) that has been implemented in Srimandir for disciplined worship of the Holy Trinity has sparked off different reactions amongst the devotees. The strongest reaction opposing the move was seen yesterday in the pilgrim town when members of Jagannath Sena ransacked the barricades that were put up before the temple. However, some devotees hold views that are diametrically opposite. Here are the reactions:

A Hindi-speaking devotee said, “I like the new rule. It evokes control and discipline amongst the people. The queues will ensure that people who are traveling in groups, stay together and are not left stranded.”

Similarly, another devotee who has come all the way from Kolkata seemed happy with the system. He said, “It took me only 20 minutes to reach the Holy Trinity. I like this new and effective rule.”

Several others also concurred, “The Dhadi Darshan arrangement is helpful to control the crowd in Puri Temple. Once the crowd is contained, the entire process will become less time-consuming.”

One Santosh from Bargarh, who seemed neutral about the rule said, “The queue system is fine outside the temple but once people are inside the temple premises, they start pushing each other.”

Another devotee from Balasore said, “The line system is fine but what will the temple administration do when there are a lot of people on festivals and the crowd is uncontrollable? So, entry only through the Singh Dwara is not enough. All other gates must be opened for the devotees.”

Due to vehement protest by Puri local devotees citing the new system as unfair, Collector Jyoti Prakash Das informed yesterday that the locals can enter through any of the three other gates if they can produce a valid identity card.

One devotee explained what might go wrong with this new system. He said, “Many old people might have lost their IDs. What will they do? Small kids who don’t have IDs, what will they do?”

“People who are giving the example of Tirupati’s efficient line system, they do not understand that drinking water arrangements are made there for the devotees standing in line. Can they do the same thing in Puri,” he added.

Many devotees continued to oppose the system. A woman from Bhandaripokhari said,“If someone has forgotten to get something and wants to turn back, they cannot do so because of the fear of losing a spot in the line.”

One Kanduchan Jena said, “I like to sit on Baisi Pahancha (22 steps) and spend some moments of relaxation. Now, I cannot do that.”

Amidst such contrasting opinions, people now look forward to what steps will be taken by the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA), police personnel and district administration to ensure satisfaction of all the devotees.

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