Hear People’s Opinions On ‘Dhadi Darshan’ & Puri Violence

**Bhubaneswar: ** In the wake of the violent protest in the pilgrim city of Puri yesterday vehemently protesting against the ‘Dhadi Darshan’ (queue system for divine glimpse of deities) implemented at Puri Jagannath Temple since October 1, intelligentsia here at the capital city gave vent to their views on it.

Senior columnist Sudhansu Mohapatra reacted, “Such an incident has extremely hurt the astute lovers of Jagannath culture. People from across the world visit Jagannath Dham Puri. The untoward incident has hurt one and all. The violent incident is being strongly condemned.”

“Supreme Court Amicus Curiae during his recent visit had told the servitors to consider their right of hereditary service to the temple, but they didn’t keep patience. Another hearing is on October 23. The existence and identity of the Sebayats (servitors) is due to the temple and the history of Puri. Hence, the Sebayats should have maintained discipline. Had they protested peacefully, it would have sent a right message,” he opined.

Senior journalist Prasant Patnaik viewed, “The Dhadi Darshan has been implemented in accordance with the recommendation made by the Supreme Court’s Puri Jagannath Temple Reform Committee. It is an attempt for maintaining discipline. Nobody suffers from Dhadi Dharsan. This practice is in force in many big temples of India. Only to show off their influence and guts, some persons protested it while they have nothing to do with their reverence for Lord Jagannath. They are least concerned as a devotee.”

Rationalist Prof Pratap Rath reacted, “In the name of tradition and culture, certain unscrupulous elements are resorting to such indisciplined and illegal activities. Since the Supreme Court is a constitutional body and custodian of law, we’re bound to honour its order.”

“Dhadi (queue) is hassle-free, be it cinema hall ticket, rail ticket, etc, first come first serve basis and it is the best service. It also establishes equality,” the senior professor of Utkal University opined.

Senior Congress leader Suresh Chandra Routray said, “Tirupati is different from our Jagannath Temple ways of life. Our Lord Jagannath is fond of ‘sahana mela’ (en mass darshan). Any Hindu devotee can go before the Lord. Hence, Dhadi Darshan system is not at all correct. Let there be the traditional darshan.”

“But I don’t support barging into somebody’s house. In 60 years of my political career, I never support ransacking office, torching public property, tresspasing into any MLA’s house, etc. Whatever happened yesterday is illegal. I strongly condemn,” he claimed.

BJD spokesperson Sulochana Das said, “Lord Jagannath’s issue shouldn’t be politicized. We all wanted that the darshan of Mahaprabhu be in a disciplined manner. The Dhadi Darshan is a step in that direction. Such violent activities are extremely unfortunate.”

“The matter is sub judice in Supreme Court. Hence, all should cooperate with the Dhadi Darshan system,” she exhorted.

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