Hear What The Smart City Denizens’ Have To Say On 1st Anniversary Of Demonetisation

**Bhubaneswar**: Exactly a year ago, late in the evening on November 8, PM Narendra Modi dropped a bombshell while addressing the nation. He said, “To break the grip of corruption and black money,we have decided that [the] five hundred rupee and one thousand rupee currency notes presently in use will no longer be legal tender from midnight tonight, that is, 8th November, 2016.”

OMMCOM NEWS crisscrossed people from different walks of life to gaze the effect of demonetisation on the occasion of its first anniversary.

Terming demonetisation as a complete failure, social activist Rabi Behera said, “Nothing was achieved through demonetisation. Terror funding has not stopped, black money was not curbed and corruption did not end, which were the main motives behind demonetisation. It was just a gimmick of Modi to fool the people.”

“The government has been successful in curbing the black money to some extent. Any big project would bring some hassles, we cannot question on it,”opined Hemant Ku Patra, a teacher by profession.

“Demonetisation is just a farce, posing problems for the common people. The rich have escaped the brunt of demonetisation but the common men are still facing problems. Corruption is still rampant. The tall promises made during the demonetisation are not at all fulfilled,”said Biranchi Sahoo.

Recounting her daily ordeal, Charulata Acharya, a housewife said, “ The high denomination notes are much easier for the corrupt people to use whereas we still face problems regarding the spending of these notes. The shopkeepers do not easily keep high denomination notes for small purchases.”

“Demonetisation has increased unemployment. The owners of big companies were untouched and the brunt of demonetisation was faced by the common man. If the money kept in Swiss Bank comes back to our country, then I can term demonetisation as successful,”said Arvind Yadav, a student.

Small shopkeepers were hit the most. Md Jamam, owner of a small shop selling footwear recounts his horrific experience during the demonetisation drive.

He said, “Demonetisation had put a stop to our business. No one came to buy from our shop for days together as the high denomination money which they had to offer was not a legal tender anymore. It was a very wrong move. We stood up in long queues with hunger and thirst, and then a limited amount of our own money in the bank was given to us after much tribulations. It was a horrible experience.”

“We thought that a few days of problems will lead to a rosy future, but nothing has changed. Our problems have increased over the time,”he further added.


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