Herd Of 90 Elephants Barge Into Nilagiri Area From Jharkhand

**Balasore: ** Villagers in the Nilagiri area of Balasore had sleepless night as a herd of 70 elephants followed by 20 more barged into the villages of Mayurbhanj from Jharkhand on Monday night. The marauding elephant herd with calves and tuskers crossed Asanibani, Durgadevi, Punchala and Kathapala to reach Gopalpur of Nilagiri range in Balasore.

They trampled acres of paddy crops which came their way.

Meanwhile, the forest officials have sprung into action as the huge numbers seems to terrify the villagers.

The forest officials are having a tough time keeping the pachyderms away from human habitation. Huge crowds have flocked the area to see the herd in action.

But the herd is so big that the officials as well as the villagers fear to go near them or chase them away, according to sources.