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Here’s All You Want To Know On Covid Vaccination Programme In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: With Covid vaccination scheduled to start on January 16 for 1.9 lakh identified healthcare workers in the State in the first phase, the State Government has identified 160 vaccination centres which include both government and private institutions for the Covid vaccination programme, informed Dr Jayant Panda, Technical Advisor to the State Government on Covid management.

Dr Panda said that a maximum of 100 persons will be vaccinated in each vaccination centre.
Vaccination will be undertaken every day from 9 AM to 5 PM, he added.

Dr Panda further informed that identified beneficiaries are required to report at the vaccination centre assigned to him/her on the appointed day between 9 AM to 5 PM to get vaccinated.

He said beneficiaries are required to bring the identity proof used by them for registering themselves for the vaccination programme to the vaccination booth for getting inoculated.

“In case the same being lost or misplaced, the beneficiary has to bring another approved identity proof having the same details to the vaccination centre to get vaccinated. But it depends officer on duty at the vaccination centre whether the beneficiary would be administered the vaccine or not,” Dr Panda clarified.

In the event of a beneficiary missing the date for his/her inoculation he/she has to contact the district vaccination officer for rescheduling his vaccination date, he added.

Explaining on the possible side effects of Covid vaccine, Dr Panda said that it has been observed that there have been no major or serious side effects due to administration of Covid vaccines.

“Still then in the event of minor side effects like pain at the vaccination site, head reeling or fever, beneficiaries should contact the doctor or the sister on duty. 108 ambulances and other ambulances will be in readiness to shift a beneficiary to the nearest hospital in the event of him/her developing major side effects due to pre-existing diseases etc,” he pointed out.

Dr Panda said that in the event of a beneficiary developing Covid after taking the first dose of the vaccine then he/she has to wait for at least 14 days or till his symptoms disappear to take the second dose of the vaccine.
“Health workers of tertiary health care centres both in the government and private sector will be the first to get the vaccinated, followed by secondary health care centres and lastly that of primary health care centres. Inoculation will be undertaken in another health care centre after all beneficiaries of a health care centre from doctor to safai karmachari are inoculated,” Dr Panda explained.

Dr Jayant Panda, Technical Advisor to the State Government on Covid management


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