Holy Trinity Reach Their Destination ‘Gundicha Temple’

**Puri: ** After two days of chariot pulling, the three chariots of the Holy Trinity finally reached their destination, Shri Gundicha Temple. The chariots had covered only half the distance on the first day of chariot pulling.

It was resumed on Monday at around 9:30 am braving the showers. The chariot of Lord Balabhadra, Taladhwaja was the first one to complete the journey. It was followed by Godess Subhadra’s chariot, Darpadalana and the last chariot to reach the destination was that of Lord Jagannath, Nandighosha.

The devotees thronged to the place where the chariots were put at rest after the journey and had a glimpse of the Holy Trinity on their respective chariots.

The Holy Trinity will be shifted inside the Gundicha temple after conducting a number of rituals.