How Cyclone FANI Has Badly Damaged Odisha Secretariat

Bhubaneswar: All are equal before the ravaging effects of Nature, be it mighty or meek. This was evident in the aftermath of extremely severe cyclonic storm FANI that wreacked havoc on Odisha yesterday (Friday).

A case in point was the State Secretariat on Saturday that stood testimony to the quantum of damage the Nature’s Fury could play on other vulnerable parts, let alone this nerve centre of Odisha’s power corridor.

While the Assembly building here is the temple of our democracy, the Secretariat building is generally deemed to be the citadel of our State Administration as well as its strong and sturdy bureaucracy. 

Notwithstanding that, Nature knows no bounds. Once its ferocity is let loose, the catastrophy engulfs one and all encountering its trajectory. 

OMMCOM NEWS camera team caught today (Saturday) the trail of destructions unleashed by Cyclone FANI on Odisha Secretariat premises.

Not only trees were ripped apart and were lying strewn, the ‘Ba’ letter in Odia of ‘Rajya Sachibalaya’ was found blown away by FANI.

Thus, it bore a funny look as if the evil eye of the extremely severe cyclonic storm has left behind its sneering wink as well as solid stamp of its retreat before the reeking ruins.

Even the walls were found wallowed and its barricades broken while the mammoth billboard was found mangled sending a virtual message that no head is held high and even the mind can’t be sans any fear vis-à-vis the Nature’s Fury.


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