How To Deal With Child Going Through Academic Failure Post Board Results

Bhubaneswar: The entire process of attempting a board exam can be very exhausting for the children, as well as their parents. A lot of efforts are put by the students to attain the desired results. However, there maybe cases of poor academic performances which might deeply affect the child mentally and emotionally. Some even go to the extent of mental trauma and depressive episodes. In these situations, parents play a very important role in strengthening the child’s beliefs. 

Here are a few guidelines for the parents on how to effectively deal with a child who has not scored the desired marks:

The first stage is acceptance. Only when the parents are able to accept their child’s situation, they would be able to come up with solutions and also be able to boost the child morally. 

The second stage is creating a favourable environment for the child. The child is already undergoing tremendous pressure. An environment has to be created where the child can be distracted from the stress and also make productive use of his/her time. Reminding the child of his/her failure may worsen the situation. Parents should also infuse hope in the children to perform better in the next exam.

The third stage is making the child realize that the result is not the determinant of their calibre and their talents are much more than a sheet of paper. Life is about going through many tests, and failing one of them only gives a perspective upon how to do better next time.

The fourth stage is to encourage the child to enhance their existing skills and also try to learn new things everyday. In today’s world, industries tend to seek street-smart more than book-smart. The academic deficiency can be replaced with skill efficiency.

Successful persons who have achieved worldwide acclamation have not let failure limit them in any moment of their life. Such inspiring stories are right before the children, and hence nothing should stop them from achieving what they are meant to achieve.


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