Humanity Alive: Disabled Man Sanyasi Resigned To Fate, Neighbour Sibaram Comes To Rescue As Angel

Bhanjanagar:  Sanyasi Patra, aged about 30 years, is physically challenged, unable to address the basic needs of his day-to-day life without external assistance. His mother, Laxmi Patra, a gleam of hope defining his survival, passed away two months back. Resigned to his fate, Sanyasi is now surviving with the help of his neighbours.

One of his neighbours Sibaram Patra, has been an angel for Sanyasi ever since his mother died. Sibaram has devoted himself to the service of Sanyasi and completes all what is needed for the man to lead a life. Among all other chores, which Sibaram addresses, helping the disabled man to defecate is an arduous task.

“The act is dismissed and condemned by many as nasty. But I am a human being and such a tragedy can hit anyone. So what if he is not related to me by blood, humanity comes first for me,” said Sibaram. Sibaram keeps Sanyasi clean, bathes him, feeds him and ensures that the specially-abled man sleeps peacefully. The administration has come up with tall promises only.

Though a gamut of assurances, there has been no concrete intervention by the administration to ensure that Sanyasi gets assistance in form of money, physiotherapy or medicines, the villagers complained. Since his mother’s death Sanaysi is even deprived of 10 kilograms rice as assistance from the district administration. The same applies to Rs 200 as pension which his mother used to get. “The officials ask us to bring Sanyasi to the rice distribution centre to avail the 10 kg quota.

This is not possible in his case,” said Namita Behera, a native of Somnathpalli. The disabled man is in dire need of Government’s assistance for survival, she added. Our readers who are willing to offer assistance to Sanyasi can contact his neighbour Sibaram on this number: +91-8895048630.

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