Hurricane Lantern, Cyclone Candle Rule Market In Aftermath Of FANI

Bhubaneswar: After FANI destroyed a major part of the power distribution infrastructure in almost four districts of Odisha, not only the people in the areas struggling in the dark but also having a hard time to find resources to light their lives.

As the demand for kerosene lantern, also known as hurricane lantern, and candles have skyrocketed after the menace, so have the prices of the products.

A candle once sold at Rs 30 is now sold at minimum Rs 60. People are forced to buy it at the price set by the retailers due to high demand and shortage of stock. Even the retailers who were not into candle business have started selling candles to run their shop as 90 out of 100 customers are searching for it in the aftermath of cyclone.

Similarly, the price of lantern has also doubled. Retailers explained that due to high demand they have to procure the products from outside the State and because of disruption in train services after the cyclone they have to spend extra from their pockets to get the goods, which is the main reason behind the heavy price.


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