Hyderabad Encounter: Have We Lost Faith On Our Justice Delivery System?

Bhubaneswar: The early morning encounter of the four rape and murder accused in Hyderabad garnered mixed reactions. While several people hailed the Hyderabad Police for taking the action which suited the public sentiment; several others dubbed this as the death of democracy and even saying that this is state-sponsored lynching.

OMMCOM NEWS spoke to eminent intellectuals and took their opinion regarding the much-discussed encounter.

Circumstances leave enough room for suspicion: Sandeep Sahu, Senior Journalist

“This very obviously is a political decision carried out by Police but circumstances leave enough room for suspicion. But no civilized nation can bear this undemocratic violation of human rights. Public outrage is understandable, but blinded by anger we must not support absolute lawlessness,” said Sahu.

He questioned that even though post Nirbhaya Case rape laws were amended, how much has it deterred potential rapists. He also added that the elongated judicial process gives a sense of justice being denied to commoners.

The senior journalist also said, “The system has to follow the due judicial process. We cannot let the public sentiment affect the process and give out instant justice.”

Justice has run away from democracy: Dr Pratap Rath, Psychology Professor, Utkal University

“Political vendetta is not a solution and for the sake of democracy, this cannot be subscribed. While today’s encounter might seem plausible, it is unconstitutional. As a rationalist, this is equivalent to lynching. Capital punishment or encounters can never be considered a deterrent to potential criminals. We must understand the mind behind these inhumane actions and then act accordingly,” said Dr Rath.

He vouched for creating awareness regarding Indian constitution and Indian Penal Code. He also sharply criticized the manner media houses broadcasted the Hyderabad case and other such cases with only goal of increasing the TRPs at the sake of sensitivity.

Dr Rath said Police alone cannot be blamed of lawlessness but judicial system is also to be blamed. He added, “Public punishment for accused is like going back to Middle Ages. Moreover, Police must not go out of their way and serve justice; the judicial process must be followed.”

Must follow the law at all costs: Advocate Chandan Kumar Mohanty

Mohanty said, “Amidst all hue and cries, it is obvious that there must be undue societal pressure on Police but a questionable encounter like the Hyderabad encounter sets a bad precedent. No matter what, we must respect the legislation and the letter of law must be followed at all costs. Our judicial system is made in a way to encompass all.”

Sandeep Sahu, Senior Journalist

Dr Pratap Rath, Psychology Professor, Utkal University

Chandan Kumar Mohanty, Advocate


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