Indian Army Doctor Helps Woman Deliver Baby In Train

Bhubaneswar: A doctor of the Indian Army, posted at 120 Battalion, Bhubaneswar helped a woman deliver her baby in a moving train. The mother and newborn girl are reportedly safe.

The efforts of the man in uniform, Dr Biplab Biswakeshari Mohanty are being appreciated widely. A native of Naugaon in Jagatsinghpur district Dr Mohanty was returning to his village by Hirakhand Express from Madhya Pradesh on September 1.

The pregnant woman Tarabai Patel from Champa district of Chhattisgarh accompanying her husband and kin boarded the train at the Sagar railway station.

The train was about 30 km from the station when the woman’s husband pulled the chain to halt the train and the ticket collector and guard were looking for a doctor on the train.

Dr Mohanty went to attend to the pregnant and found that she was bleeding profusely and writhing in pain.

On his request, the passengers vacated the compartment and some women passengers helped convert the compartment into a makeshift delivery room. An elderly woman passenger helped Dr Mohanty in the delivery.

Dr Mohanty facilitated safe delivery of the baby after struggling for 45 minutes without medical kits and urgently required medicines.

A team led by a woman doctor and a nurse from the nearest railway hospital came to their help at the nearest station following which the couple proceeded with their journey with the newborn.