Indian Coast Guard Commences Joint Patrol, Training With Odisha Marine Police

Bhubaneswar: The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has commenced Joint Coastal Patrol (JCP) by embarking Marine Police personnel onboard ICG ships to develop synergy and provide sea training to Marine Police personnel for enhanced coastal security.

The JCP is being instituted to enable implementation of Coastal Security Scheme (CSS) through capacity building of Marine Police in the overall Coastal Security Construct. JCP would also enable in addressing issues of communication, inter-operability, attaining sea-legs and joint investigation procedures by Marine Police.

The endeavour includes classroom instructions and on the job training onboard ICG ships. ICG would provide hands-on experience to Marine Police personnel on various aspects of safety, navigation, maintenance, law enforcement, surveillance and investigation at sea within territorial waters that fall under the jurisdiction of respective States.

With the implementation of joint patrol, Marine Police personnel will consolidate adequate trained staff enhancing their overall operational efficiency. The effort is aimed at developing the existing capabilities of the Marine Police towards Coastal Security.


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