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Inhumane: Watch How Village Kangaroo Court Punishing Youth For House Trespassing

Balasore:   In a blatantly insensible act of inhumanity and brazen breach of law of the land as well as basic human rights, the so-called kangaroo court of a village resorted to condemnably penalizing a fellow villager and the video has now gone viral.

Such a deplorable incident has been reported from Choumukh village under Baliapal Police Station (PS) limits.
Reports said that a local youth was caught red-handed by his co-villagers when he had allegedly intruded into a nearby house in the absence of any male family members.

As the viral video evinces, the alleged trespasser was first relentlessly thrashed by the angry villagers and finally a stone was hung to his private part.

Now the million dollar question is being raised by the intelligentsia against such a cruelty and abject violation of human rights. Also fingers have been pointed at the accused villagers for taking law into their own hands instead of taking legal course of action by informing the police.


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