Innocent Man Mercilessly Beaten As Woman Raises Fake Mobile Theft Alarm

**Bhubaneswar**: When the world was celebrating the spirit of womanhood, an innocent man got beaten mercilessly by a group of people in a public event as a woman raised an alarm of her mobile phone being stolen by him.

Notably, in an event held on agriculture, the complainant found a phone similar to hers in the hand of another man. Coincidentally, the ring tones was also the same. When the man got a call, the woman mistook that phone to be hers and raised an alarm. This led to a public outrage and he was thrashed without anyone hearing his plea.

Subsequently, it took an ugly turn so that the police had to intervene. The police took the complainant and the accused person to the police station for interrogation.

It was found that the mobile phone belonged to that gentleman and the woman had her phone in her bag.

As the make and the ringtone of both their phones were same, she got confused and thought that her mobile phone was stolen.

Later, the police released both the persons.