Irate Locals Resort To Rasta Roko, Demand Closure Of Liquor Shops

**Balangir: ** Protesting vehemently against opening of both country liquor outlets and foreign liquor (FL) shops in their residential areas and demanding immediate closure, peeved public of the headquarters town, including irate women on Wednesday blocked the road connecting the headquarters town with the railway station.

The denizens of Ward No 14 & 18 resorted to such a stir as they alleged that the district administration despite objections registered in writing umpteen times earlier have permitted opening of the country liquor den and five FL shops on the stretch causing untold inconvenience to them.

In their memorandum submitted through the District Collector, the agitators have addressed the Odisha Excise Secretary and RDC Sambalpur apprising them their grievances and venting their ire against the liquor outlets.

The residents of Ward No 14 & 18 claimed that five such shops exist there and are causing law and order situation.

Even there are temples and schools. School students, chiefly the girls are suffering a lot.
Women are feeling awkward and unsafe. Passengers to and fro the railway station feel insecure especially during the night, the memorandum states.


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