Is Bhubaneswar's Kuakhai Bridge Turning Into New Suicide Spot?

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25 July 2018

Unique Pattnaik

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Bhubaneswar: It has been now a buzz in the capital city here: "When they see life heading nowhere, they head towards Kuakhai bridge."

The long and wide stretch has earned the dubious distinction of turning into Bhubaneswar’s suicide point. In the last few months, several people have taken the 'death plunge' while more than three have attempted to kill themselves from the ‘suicide point’ in the last two consecutive days.

Chances of survival are really dim as the people often get washed away by the high water current from the upper level. Being a secluded place away from the city, most of the suicide attempts take place in this area.

In the last two days, the Kuakhai bridge has seen as many as two attempted suicide and two deaths. It is only yesterday when a middle-aged woman out of depression and family feud came and jumped off the bridge into Kuakhai river. She was later saved by the ODRAF team. Similarly, another woman under depression today jumped off from the same place and was later saved by the ODRAF and Fire personnel.

Not only this, today the spot has seen two more deaths along with three near-to-deaths with five school students getting drowned at the spot. But fortunately, three of them were saved while the rescue teams could not save the other two.

One heart wrenching incident was encountered at the very same place, the infamous Umnay Padhi office viral sex video series case. The incident, where, Unmay made her partner’s obscene videos viral in a bid to take revenge and defame her and committed suicide.

It will not be a mistake to assume that being a secluded place with an easy access to the general public, depressed people prefer it as safe haven for taking drastic step ending selves after being unable to cope up with life’s harsh realities.

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Woman Rescued On July 23