Is Javedkar A CBI Spokesperson, Asks Incensed BJD

**Bhubaneswar: ** The BJD, on Sunday strongly objected to Prakash Javedkar, the Union HRD Minister’s comments during his recent visit to the state, where he had allegedly insisted that the CBI would soon arrest many more BJD leaders of the state in the Chit Fund Scam.

Clearly irked by the Union HRD Minister’s observations, Prasanna Acharya, MP, BJD, while addressing a press meet here said, “Sri Javedkar during his Odisha visit had given an explosive statement wherein he claimed that the CBI would soon arrest many more BJD parliamentarians.”

Then, on a sarcastic note, the BJD Spokesperson said, “People of Odisha and we, in the BJD were left a bit confused as to when Javedkar had donned the role of a CBI spokesperson, we thought he was a Union Minister.”

Prasanna Acharya continued to take a jab at the Union Minister by questioning what right he had to say such a thing. “Is the CBI under him? Is Sri Javedkar CBI’s Director General? Does the CBI report to him? Or is he is an officer-bearer of the CBI that he knows the organization inside out and what action it will take in the future,” he added.

Indirectly retorting to Prasanna Acharya’s jibes, Prithiviraj Harichandan, BJP, Spokesperson, Odisha said, “Nowhere have we mentioned that innocent people will be arrested.”

But, today, the way they are establishing the fact that, the BJD is being targeted and attacked just goes on to prove that they have done something wrong, the BJP leader added.

Interestingly, Javedkar is the second senior BJP national leader to have allegedly reiterated the arrest of BJD leaders by the CBI. During Amit Shah’s visit to Odisha in September, the BJP supremo too, according to the BJD, had allegedly hinted at the arrest of the state BJD leaders by the CBI, leading to a war of words between the BJD and BJP over those remarks.