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Is Rajya Sabha Member Ranjib Biswal Planning To Quit Congress?

14 August 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: As rumour mill is on these days that Rajya Sabha member Ranjib Biswal is pondering over quitting the grand old party despite being from the Congress legacy as his father late Basant Biswal was a diehard Congressman as well as an influential minister then, Ranjib today broke his studied silence and opened his heart before media.

Interacting with media today, the senior Congress leader said that till date he is in the party.

“It’s up to me. Till I’m comfortable, I’m in the party. Whenever I’ll feel uneasy, I may not be in the party,” Ranjib made it clear.

Replying to the allegation of political bribe money doing rounds, he defended that no other party has offered him money.

“It’s a blatant lie,” he retorted.

Ranjib also categorically said, “I am not longing for being the PCC president. No discussion in this regard has also been held with the Congress high command.”

He further remarked that the Congress is now on the threshold of devastation and suggested that there is need for uniting all trustworthy Congress leaders.

Ranjib also remarked that Niranjan Patnaik (outgoing PCC chief) does not hold a magic wand so that he could effect a paradigm shift in the Congress party organization here in Odisha.

The leaders should work at the ground level, he further opined.

In his reactions to Ranjib’s statements, senior Congress MLA Suresh Kumar Routray commented, “There are a large number of leaders in Congress barring the Biswal and Patnaik families. There is no problem with whoever comes and goes. Congress party is always an open door to all. When the field is free from weeds, it augurs well for good farming and harvest.”

Reply to the media query on Ranjib’s conspicuous absence in the Parliament during important discussions, the senior Congress leader remarked, “He (Ranjib) might be unwell physically for which he might have remained absent.”

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Ranji Biswal, Rajya Sabha Member, Odisha

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Suresh Kumar Routray, MLA, Congress, Odisha