Is The 5T Impact Getting Visibility On Ground?

Bhubaneswar: Naveen Patnaik 5.0 on his first day of Government introduced the 5T mantra- Teamwork, Transparency, Technology and Time leading to Transformation. One by one, the new Council of Minister, legislators and Collectors were all asked to follow the 5T principle in letter and spirit. CM’s private secretary VK Pandian was given the charge to ensure effective implementation of 5T. Now the question arises, is the 5T impact gradually getting visibility on ground?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. Over the last few months, administrators and politicians have embarked on extensive tours to the districts, blocks and villages to gather direct feedback from the beneficiaries of government programs. Apart from that, they have also established a human connect by becoming one of the people.

For instance, District Collector Shubham Saxena won hearts of school students during his visit to Naktideul block of Sambalpur. Not only did he take classes, but he also had a question and answer session with the students. He even directed the school authorities to arrange for a fun tour of the city for students. This was a clear representation of ‘Transparency’ as the Collector got a lucid understanding of the kids’ demands and wants without anyone acting as mediator.

‘Teamwork’ was personified by Collectors of Ganjam and Puri. Bijay Amruta Kulange went out of his way and got his hands dirty by working with farmers in a paddy field. While listening to grievances, he suddenly rolled his pants, went down in knee-deep muddy water and joined the farmers in planting paddy saplings. Similarly, Puri Collector Balwant Singh took up clean-up drive of the golden Sea Beach and picked up several plastic items to attract more tourists. He joined hands with NGOs, students, volunteers and active citizens to beautify the beach.

‘Technology’ came into play when Malkangiri police in coordination with Meteorological Department and State Emergency Operation Control (SEOC) rushed to vulnerable spots and facilitated rescue operations during flash floods due to incessant rains. In another instance, Gajapati SP Sara Sharma launched the ‘SHE Team’ project in which distressed women can contact police for help through a website ‘’ or landline number 06815-222388. An application for the same is also under construction.

‘Time’ became crucial when a young farmer was lying grievously injured along Kodinga- Sanamasigaon road in Nabarangpur. Before his condition got critical, Collector Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra rushed the accident victim to a nearby hospital. Blood was oozing out from the farmer’s mouth and there were injury marks on his body. With Mishra’s immediate help, the accident victim reached the hospital just in time for his treatment and was infused with a fresh lease of life.

There are several other instances. In Bolangir, Women and Child Development Minister put on shoes on the feet of disabled children. In Nabarangpur’s Dabugam, Biju Janata Dal MLA Manohar Randhari picked up a spade and repaired a village road himself. In Gopalpur, MPs and MLAs joined hands in cleaning the beach to make it a ‘No-Plastic’ zone. Eventually, these small steps of people-centric governance are expected to create way to the final ‘T’- Transformation and help create a ‘New Odisha’ as envisioned by the CM.