, It’s A Long HaulRemain Alert, Respect Protocols: Anu Garg On Covid-19

Bhubaneswar: Emphasis is being laid on Covid-19 testing in Bhubaneswar city and in the last 3-4 days it has been ramped up to over 1,700 tests per day, informed Covid-19 Observer for Bhubaneswar Anu Garg.

“So it is quite natural that more number of cases are being detected. The accepted modality is the more we test, the better,” said Garg addressing a presser on Covid management in Bhubaneswar city at the Geeta Govinda Sadan here today.

Garg informed that Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has engaged counsellors for socio-psycho counselling.

“They have already provided counselling to roughly 460 persons. They are available the whole day. Anyone needing counselling can contact them on 1929. They are also suo motu contacting people,” she said.

Garg further informed that today they had a discussion with different market associations of the city in view of the State Government’s order on unlocking issued yesterday and they have agreed to adhere to standard operating procedures (SOP) with regard to Covid regulations and norms.

“But we too have a responsibility we should also cooperate with them when we are visiting markets, like standing in a queue, waiting outside the shop etc. We have to wear masks,” she stated.

We need not visit market everyday to get our stuff, avoid unnecessary visits and get most of the stuff whichever is available through online, she added.

Covid-19 Observer for Bhubaneswar said that for those requiring treatment apart from KIMS and SUM Hospital beds and ICU facility is available in two more hospitals-Neelanchal Hospital and  Aditya Ashwini Hospital.

In addition to the above hospitals five Covid Care Centres (CCCs) and Covid Care Homes (CCHs) for suspect cases, she added.

“Since this is a long haul we have to remain alert and respect all the protocols,” Garg pointed out.

Anu Garg, Covid-19 Observer, Bhubaneswar 


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