Jagatsinghpur COVID Ward Suicide: Deceased Alleges Being Abandoned By Family In Pre-Suicide Audio

Jagatsinghpur:   The COVID-19 pandemic, the fear of being infected with the killer virus for which there is no certain cure has reshaped human relationships in unprecedented ways, to be precise it has exposed the sheer selfish survival instinct in humans.

A desperate heart wrenching audio message of a woman to her relatives before committing suicide after her husband’s death in the isolation ward of the District Headquarters Hospital here is sure to jolt anyone with a humane heart.

Ommcom News is in possession of the audio clip. But since it’s very disturbing we are not uploading it here.

In the audio message, the woman has lamented that despite her fervent appeal none from her family-neither her father nor her uncles both maternal and paternal turned up to help her at this hour of crisis.

The woman has alleged that despite her desperate call, the doctor was late in attending to her husband who had complained of chest pain, and finally, he died.

The woman has further alleged that her father, mother, uncles have jointly killed her husband and she too is taking the extreme step.

As per reports, the couple, who were staying at Hyderabad in Telangana had returned on June 30 and had been quarantined at a Temporary Medical Camp (TMC) at Erasama.
As her husband developed illness, he was shifted to the isolation ward of the district headquarters hospital here on July 1.

However, on July 2 at around 3.00 PM the man died following which the woman committed suicide by hanging in the isolation ward.


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