Jagatsinghpur Nurse Murder Case: Is Boyfriend The Main Culprit?

Bhubaneswar: The mystery behind nurse Niharika’s death deepens a day after her disfigured body was found on Biluakhai river bank at Nuapari under Mangalabag Police limits of Jagatsinghpur district. The suspicion has been zeroing on the boyfriend Raja as the search for him continues.

Niharika’s family have confirmed that Niharika and Kishore Kumar Aanchal alias Raja were in love for some time now. Niharika’s brother-in-law Gaurang Jati stressed that since Raja was the last person with whom Niharika was last seen alive; he is the one who must have killed her. 

Jati said, “While Niharika and Raja were in love, but their marriage proposal had not progressed further as Raja was unemployed. He added that Raja might have taken this drastic step as they were unhappy with the match.

Her mother Pratima Patra held Raja responsible for the tragedy and hoped that he would get punished for the same. Jati also alleged the Mangalabag Police of inaction till her body was found. However, he added that once Raja will be taken into custody things will clear up.

MM MediCare Superintendent and Niharika’s senior Asit Kumar Parija too has blamed Raja. He said, “Niharika left hospital on September 8 at about 4 pm with Raja. When she had not returned even by 9, first I tried her phone which was switched off. Then I called Raja. His answers and behavior, in general, was very suspicious; which led me to further question him. He was giving vague answers and then stopped answering our calls. It all looked very fishy. We strongly believe that Raja is the culprit and we hope he is caught as soon as possible.”

Pratima Patra

Gaurang Jati

Asit Kumar Parija


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