Jatani Preserves Firecracker Tradition, To Illuminate Odisha This Diwali

Bhubaneswar: The festival of lights, Diwali, is among the most-awaited and widely celebrated festivals of the nation. In Odisha, this festival is celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm. Festive preparations begin in most homes in Odisha, long before Diwali.

Diwali is rightly synonymous with brightness and the dazzling night sky, a lot of which is credited to the crackers that we burst at this time. The shine of crackers fills everyone’s spirit with joy.

In Odisha, Jatni in Khurda district is famous for firecracker shops and wholesalers. The place also boasts of many godowns where a variety of crackers are available at reasonable prices. With a couple of more days left for the grand festival of lights, OMMCOM NEWS team toured Jatani and spoke to people who are engaged in cracker-making, vendors and the public.

A cracker shop owner said that Jatani is well connected to South India, especially Sivakasi which supplies crackers in bulk. People from adjoining districts flock Jatani before Diwali and purchase a significant quantity of firecrackers.

“Koompis or Anaar, Chakkris, cracker bombs with lights, and rockets. One can get all varieties of firecrackers here. Jatani is a one-stop spot to get firecrackers at reasonable prices,” he said.

The cracker shop owners have a feeling that their business will boom this Diwali. “The weather is good and so has been our sales. Traders come from Puri, Khurda, Nayagarh and other neighbouring districts to buy firecrackers in bulk from Jatani,” another wholesale trader said.

The traders here are well conscious about the legalities of cracker sale. “We take utmost care in selling those items which are permitted by the Supreme Court guidelines. Emission, sound, and other important factors are kept in mind, before stocking our stores with crackers. The companies are also aware of these guidelines and they supply legally permitted crackers to our market,” a senior member of the Jatani market committee said.

Jatani is a melting pot of Odisha. Being a major railway junction since the British era, the place has a confluence of people from different communities and culture. The festival of lights is celebrated with much vigour here. Their joy does not stop with the local celebration, rather, the crackers from Jatani illuminate thousands of homes across the State. The region has continued to maintain this tradition with consistency for a long time.

Anil Biswal, Cracker Seller

Cracker Seller, Jatani


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