JSW Project: Eviction Of Betel Vine Plantations Resumes In Dhinkia

Paradip: After a brief hiatus of two days, eviction of betel vine plantation for the proposed JSW project has resumed at Dhinkia in the presence of officials and police.

According to reports, more than 10 betel vine plantations were evicted at Mahala village in the presence of officials of local administration, police, and villagers today.

Officials were seen taking measurements of several betel vine plantations which are scheduled to be evicted.

Three days back on Friday, police had lathicharged villagers including women and children of Dhinkia who were on their way to their betel vine plantations to protect those from eviction by the local administration.

Several women, men, and children were injured in the brutal attack by the police.

Villagers of Dhinkia are opposed to the proposed JSW project in the area.

Following the incident, the local administration had suspended eviction of betel vine plantations for two days.

Several villagers of Mahala village were seen to be cooperating with the local administration in the demolition of their betel vine plantations.

Resistance to the proposed JSW project seems to have waned following the arrest of anti-JSW project leader Debendra Swain during the lathicharge by the police.

Jagatsinghpur SP Akhileswar Singh had on Sunday held discussions with the villagers of Dhinkia.