Kalimela Tahsil Senior Clerk Suspended After Bribe Taking Video Goes Viral

Malkangiri: Senior clerk of Kalimela tahsil Shashi Sekhar Sethi has been suspended by Malkangiri Collector Yeddula Vijay after issuing a show-cause notice over a viral video that showed the former taking bribe from a land beneficiary.

As per the video and allegations, Sethi was allegedly receiving Rs 50,000 from a person from Bhejangiwada area and urging for paying off the balance amount soon. The transaction was allegedly meant for uploading the pattas (land records of right) of six beneficiaries onto the government’s web portal.

In the video, the senior clerk is being heard saying to the person that the money will be spent on purchasing some necessary official assets. While the deal is being done in a dark background, the bribe-giver is being heard saying that he would be able to give the demanded Rs 1.5 lakh bribe in three installments while the senior clerk demanded immediate payment.

Locals allege that the Tahsil staff are habitually fleecing money from the rich people here even though the State Government has directed to issue pattas to the bona fide poor tribals in a bid to rehabilitate them as per the Odisha Prevention of Land Encroachment (OPLE) Act, 1972 & Rules 1973.

Earlier, the Collector had probed into such allegations and has already suspended Revenue Inspector Suresh Pujari and a Tahsil clerk Dibyasingh Paikray. Sethi was the latest to face the music.

Yeddula Vijay, Collector, Malkangiri