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14 October 2016


Bhubaneswar: “If I have hurt the feelings of the people of Odisha, then I apologize," said Markhandey Katju when he was contacted regarding his derogatory remarks on Facebook. Though he apologized, he was pushing the people to develop a sense of humour rather than really be sorry for the whole issue.

“It was just a joke, I did not mean to insult the people of Odisha. The people of Odisha are hard- working and good-at-heart, but they should develop a sense of humour".

"If the feelings of the people are hurt, then I apologize and would post in my Facebook account, too. That would content the Odias, I suppose,” said Markhandey Katju in reaction to his derogatory remarks posted in Facebook.

"If the people won’t let me come to Odisha, I won’t come until and unless they invite me and give me due respect.,"

Notably, Katju is the grandson of Kailash Nath Katju, the first Governor of Odisha under independent India.

Playing with the sentiments of the Odia people, he has asked them not to make a mountain of a molehill, and the people of Odisha are unable to understand jokes.

“I am ready to read the literature regarding the history of Odisha, provided the text is being sent to me in Hindi or English,” he replied sarcastically, when asked to study the history of Odisha before posting such remarks.

The whole interview was conducted live on a leading news channel of Odisha, where he could be seen without any regrets, rather enjoying every bit of his bad taste of humour.

On the other hand, in his most recent post on Facebook, he has termed himself as Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-god, and has vowed to set every State in India on fire, until and unless the people develop a sense of humour.