Kendrapara: Good Samaritans Feed Simians Marooned On Islet In River Brahmani

Kendrapara: Despite the miseries befallen on them by the low pressure induced incessant rains, the subsequent swelling of rivers causing flood in low-lying areas of this coastal district, people of Amrutamanohi panchayat have not shied away from feeding hundreds of monkeys marooned on an islet in the River Brahmani.

According to reports, a troop of monkeys who were on a visit to the Dagarapalaguda islet have been marooned ever since the sudden floods in the river Brahmani and the areas on its banks.

The troop of monkeys was sighted by fisherfolk who later informed the villagers of Amrutamanohi panchayat.

Good Samaritans from the village who felt pity for the stranded simians suffering from hunger have been reaching out to the primates at Dagarapalaguda about 5 km away using boats and feeding the primates with vegetables and nuts for the last five days.

The Forest department has also joined the villagers in the noble work after being informed by the sarpanch of Amrutamanohi gram panchayat Kulamani Mallick.

Kulamani Mallick, Sarpanch, Amrutamanohi Gram Panchayat