Keonjhar, Ganjam Shopkeepers Ordered To Record Customer Details

Bhubaneswar: All shopkeepers in both Keonjhar and Ganjam district have been ordered to record the details of the customers to facilitate contact tracing of persons affected with COVID-19 in future.

Keonjhar Collector has ordered all merchants, shopkeepers and businessmen of the district to record the name, address, mobile number etc. of the customers for future reference as a precautionary measure to prevent, restrict, regulate and control the disease COVID-19.

The merchants/shopkeepers/businessmen have to keep date-wise information of customers visiting their premises in a Register for verification by enforcement officers as and when required.

In Ganjam, the shopkeepers have been ordered to maintain contact dairy for customers. Besides, they have to follow social distancing norms, use mask and gloves, keep sanitizer for customers, draw a circle for 2-metre distancing and a board stating no mask any goods. Violation of the same will lead to a fine of Rs 1000 and sealing of the shop.

Ashish Thakre, Collector, Keonjhar


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