Know 5 Major Differences In The Celebration Of Republic Day & Independence Day

**Bhubaneswar**: When the nation is celebrating its 69th Republic day, one cannot hold back the sense of pride the day imbues within. Another day of similar importance for every Indian is Independence Day. Both are national holidays and holds paramount importance in every true Indian’s heart. But there are some differences between both the days.

1: The basic difference is that the Independence Day is celebrated on August 15 whereas the Republic Day is celebrated on January 26.

2: The Independence Day is celebrated as the country had achieved independence from the British Raj on August 15 in 1947. Whereas on Republic Day our Constitution came into effect and the nation was declared to be a republic. The Constitution replaced the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India.

3: On Independence Day, we pay homage to the soldiers and martyrs of our country who laid down their lives fighting for their motherland. Whereas on Republic Day, we celebrate the Republic of India, honouring the citizens. This day highlights the contributions of the republic to the nation and also pays tribute to the services provided by the government in maintaining the nation.

4: On the Republic Day, an extravagant parade is held in New Delhi’ s Rajpath to highlight the importance and significance of each State and Union Territory in the nation. Whereas, Independence Day is celebrated in a united manner. It celebrates India as a nation, and not as individual States.

5: On both the days every year, the celebration starts with the unfurling of the tricolour (national flag). While on Independence Day, the national flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister in Delhi and Chief Minister of every State at it capital cities, the President unfurls national flag in New Delhi on Republic Day. Same honour is accorded to our national flag by the Governor at every State capital.


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