Know How Gangster Hyder Encounter Unfolded

Balasore: Notorious gangster Sk Hyder Alli died after sustaining bullet injuries during an encounter by police on Saturday as he tried to escape during shifting from the Choudwar Circle Jail to Baripada Jail for security reasons.

The details of the happenings that led to the encounter have been mentioned in the FIR lodged on July 24 (Saturday) by DIB Inspector of Cuttack UPD, Gangadhar Saseni, at Simulia Police Station in Balasore, under whose jurisdiction the incident had occurred.

As per the FIR, in obedience to the order of JMFC (C) Cuttack on July 24, Inspector Saseni (54) along with SI Asit Ranjan Jena, H/M Gajendra Nath Soren, Havildar Surya Kumar Rout, constables Soumya Ranjan Rout, Satyajit Swain, Rohit Kumar Mallick, Purusottam Rout, Rajendra Nayak and Kalpataru Nayak were commanded to escort Hyder from Circle Jail Cuttack at Choudwar to Circle Jail Baripada on security point of view.

Accordingly, they reached at Circle Jail, Cuttack at Choudwar at 11:55 AM and received Hyder for shifting. Since he was a dreaded criminal and previously had escaped from the SCB MCH, Cuttack while undergoing treatment, they hand-cuffed Hyder as a precaution to guard against any attempt to escape.

They left Choudwar at 12:40 PM in police vehicle bearing registration number OD-05D-6144 being driven by Driver Havildar Debananda Jena.

While they were travelling near Simulia at about 3.20 PM, Hyder told him to stop the vehicle to attend the call of nature. He along with this staff dissuaded Hyder not to stop the vehicle from his security points of view. But Hyder became rigid and told that he is suffering from acute diabetes so he has to attend the call of nature. So they stopped the vehicle at a diversion point near one Hanuman Temple at Simulia.

Hyder along with the escort party got down from the vehicle. Hyder requested to unlock his handcuff as he has to attend the call of nature and to wash out his hands as per his custom. As soon as the escort havildar unlocked his one-side handcuff, taking the opportunity, he immediately snatched away the gun (AK-47) from Havildar Surya Kumar Rout and moved to a distance.

He aimed the gun towards the guard party and shouted in Hindi that translates to, ‘I had once escaped and you police nabbed me from Hyderabad. I will escape again and no policeman will be able to catch me. If anybody comes forward to catch me, I will shoot him.’ Saying so he pointed the gun towards the police party and tried to cock the gun.

Inspector Saseni and SI Jena warned Hyder in loud voice for his surrender before the police which was unheeded by him. There was a reasonable apprehension of death/grievous hurt of the escort party members from the side of the convict as he was desperate to open fire upon the escort party to kill all of them.

In such a dangerous situation of life and death and in the exercise of the right to private defense and save the life of police personnel from imminent danger of death, Jena fired three rounds from his service pistol to prevent him from any attack.

Jena took all precautions to resort to controlled fire to hit in the lower part of the body below the waist of Hyder with a view to immobilize him and to prevent him from opening fire which endangered the life of all police personnel.

Had there not been firing from the side of the escort party to prevent his escape and to save the life of escort party members Hyder could have killed the escort party members by firing from the AK-47 gun that he had already snatched away from Havildar Surya Kumar Rout.

The bullets hit on the left side upper arm and on the body of Hyder as he bent down all of a sudden to open fire towards police. As a result of which he fell down on the ground. He was over captured by the escort team and the gun (AK-47) was recovered from him.

As Hyder sustained bleeding injuries, they took all the sincere steps to save his life and Immediately shifted him to DHH Balasore for his treatment. While shifting Hyder to the hospital en route Inspector Saseni intimated about the incident to his seniors. Subsequently, Inspector Saseni came to know that the Hyder died during treatment.

Hyder was a disparaging and horrendous criminal and a series of cases were registered against him. He was also convicted in different cases. Under the above circumstances Inspector Saseni lodged this FIR for taking necessary action.