Know The Amount Spent By Odisha Government On The Treatment Of Conjoined Twins Jaga Balia

**Bhubaneswar**: It was impossible for the conjoined twins from Kandhamal to survive had not the Odisha government promptly responded to the media reports on the plight of the kids. It was beyond the means of even a normal middle class family to bear the cost of such expensive and complicated operation, not to mention about this poor family from Kandhamal.

Many wonder how much has the Odisha government spent so far for the survival of the twins.

OMMCOM NEWS spoke to the State Health Secretary Pramod Meherda and has found that the under direction from the CM Naveen Patnaik, the State has already spent Rs one crore from the CM relief fund for the operation and has assured the AIIMS authorities to cough up more if the need arises.

The Odisha Govt would bear all the expenses of the operation. Going by estimation so far the expenses has well crossed over Rs one crore now, as more than hundred professionals are involved in this mission of ‘operation separation’.

However the Health Secretary says that the money spent is worth if these twins from the poor family in Kandhamal would live a healthy and separate life after the operation.

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