Know Where & Why Have Voters Boycotted Phase-III Polls In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Despite being a part and parcel of democracy, aggrieved villagers in several parts of Odisha boycotted the phase-III polls today. Turning their face away from the biggest festival of democracy, these villagers cited the absence of basic amenities as the reason behind the decision.

In Keonjhar, Kenheigola and Ranipada villagers refused from casting their votes under Telkoi Assembly seat. All these villagers mentioned unavailability of drinking water, roads and other basic amenities. The absence of bridge on Bramhani river is also one of the major issues. They also said that their areas have been devoid of development for several years due to which they have boycotted the polls. Due to this, booths 246 and 247 saw very less crowd.

In Kuchinda too, voters of three villages Bamandagada, Lepeikani and Paranga boycotted polls over lack of developmental work.


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