Know Who Are Behind This Successful ‘Operation Of Separation’ Of Conjoined Twins

**Bhubaneswar**: Conjoined twins Jaga Balia are finally separated. After a million prayers and zillion efforts, the twins may be able to lead a normal life as separate entities now. It took barely four months to successfully separate this rare condition of Siamese twins after it was reported in media.

They are still under medical supervision and the doctors are waiting for 72 more hours before jumping into any conclusions.

But do you know the amount of efforts, money and prayers went in to make this possible.

1: The couple hailing from the remote Milipada village under Phiringia block in tribal-dominated Kandhamal district, Bhuan Kanhar and Puspanjali were struggling hard to have a surgery to separate their conjoined twin sons, Honey and Singh, even after two years of their birth. They had exhausted all their savings and jewellery for the treatment of the twins in SCB Medical and needed government’s aid to get them operated at Delhi.

2: After media reports, the Odisha Govt intervened. The Health Minister tweeted: Kandhamal district administration will fund the treatment of the twins at Delhi.
Replying to the Health Minister’s tweet, Health Secretary Pramod Meherda tweeted:
Spoke to Collector & DM, Kandhamal. We will ensure all necessary financial help is provided to the family for treatment of the twins.
— Pramod Meherda (@meherda_pramod) June 29, 2017

3: The case was sent to the Sishu Bahwan. A high level team of Sishu Bhawan referred to AIIMS Delhi for an opinion. In the meantime, Rs 35,000 was extended to them from the District Red Cross fund. Free transportation, ambulance service and free medicine facility was provided. Kandhamal Collector D Brunda made necessary arrangements for the family to go to AIIMS Delhi.

4: The Chief Minister Relief Fund approved a financial assistance of Rs 1 crore towards the expenditure for their surgery, the district collector of Kandhamal Brunda D appealed to all government employees to donate a day’s salary for the treatment of the conjoined twins,

5: The then Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu had arranged for special medical help for the twins on train and after reaching AIIMS.

6: The doctors at AIIMS had renamed them as Jaga and Balia (nick names of Lord Jagannath and His elder brother Lord Balabhadra) in a bid to invoke their blessings for the well-being and successful surgery of the conjoined twins.

7: The first phase of operation was conducted by a team of 40 doctors for about 20 hours. They were aided by a Japanese expert.

8: Meanwhile, people from Odisha got emotionally connected and showered all their good wishes for the successful operation. The whole State has joined hands in prayer for the survival of the conjoined twins and success of their operation.

9: Even renowned sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik carved a sand sculpture to pray for their well being. There were mass prayers by the people of Odisha for their speedy treatment.

10: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik was in constant touch with AIIMS neurosurgery department head Prof. Ashok Mohapatra regarding the condition of the conjoined twins as the operation was still in progress at AIIMs, New Delhi.

11: After the successful first phase surgery, Dr Ashok Mohapatra of AIIMS had made it very clear that the second phase of the operation is very risky and the chances of survival are just 15 percent. There were serious doubts regarding the survival of the kids in the minds of the people.

12: The much awaited second phase of the operation of the conjoined twins Jaga Balia started on Tuesday. A team of about 27 doctors from AIIMS started this operation under the expert supervision of Dr Ashok Mohapatra.

13: The whole State of Odisha was waiting with bated breath for the good news about its success. It was praying fervently for survival of the conjoined twins and success of their operation.

14: The prayers of millions, the efforts of officials and the efficiency of doctors got finally answered answered as Jaga Balia got finally separated. But the doctors are still sceptical about their condition and have put them under medical observation.

Naveen Patnaik greeted the team of doctors for their successful operation of the conjoined twins and offered prayers before Lord Jagannath for the speedy recovery of Jaga-Balia.

This became a glaring example of media awareness where a citizen is extended instant aid basing on media reports.