Kuakhai Sex Video & Murder: Commissionerate Police Terms It ‘Well Planned Suicide’

**Bhubaneswar:** In an amazing twist to the Kuakhai sex videos and murder of the main accused Unmay Padhi, Commissioner of Police YB Khurania revealed that it was not a murder but a meticulously planned and executed suicide.

Addressing a press meet, he said, “The post-mortem of the deceased Unmay Padhi revealed that the stabbing in the body of the deceased was self-inflicted. If a normal human being is attacked, he tries to defend himself but in case of Unmay, there were no defence injuries.”

Moreover, the data of the cell phone has been analysed. On the day of the incident, he was on the spot of the crime till 11:24 pm.

“In the note found, the deceased had mentioned that he was tortured by the girl and her boyfriend, and was blackmailed into paying hefty amounts. But an investigation into his banking transactions revealed that he and his brother withdrew money from the bank at regular intervals for their own personal use. The payments of insurance premium were also done from that amount.”

Talking about his plan at a length, the Commissioner informed, “As he had been arrested once last year on the basis of the female colleague’s complaint of a sex video featuring them going viral, he decided to take revenge. When he came out, he had lost his job and also his reputation in the society. Moreover, the female colleague was into a relationship with another guy. So to take revenge, he planned the whole set up. He planted his laptop, mobile phone, sandals of a woman and first stabbed himself, then poured petrol on him and self immolated.”

An extensive probe was launched by the Commissinerate Police as several more such sex videos were doing rounds on social media few days before the ‘suicide’ and many after that also.

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