Lack Of Spirituality Induces Criminality, Says Guv Ganeshi Lal

Bhubaneswar: Human trafficking has spread its tentacles menacingly across the globe. This is a shame and blot on human civilization. To bring an end to human trafficking, a joint effort of all stakeholders is primordial, said Prof Ganeshi Lal, Governor, Odisha.

Prof Lal said, “God resides in every human being and every living individual is a part of the Almighty. Human trafficking is a direct crime against God.” On the occasion of the launch of – Prajwala Handbooks On Human Trafficking, Prof Lal called upon society to nurture spirituality and take measures to end this menace.

On the occasion, KIIT Founder Achuyta Samanta said human is an organized crime and has taken horrific global dimensions. Founder of Prajwala and social worker Sunitha Krishnan said, “There are many legal and Governmental interventions to check human trafficking.”

Proper coordination between Government, NGOs, and the general public can check this crime against humanity, she added. David Moyer, Public Affairs Officer at U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad, proposed to take stronger steps at the US-India level to bring an end to human trafficking.

The handbooks represent the unique effort of pioneering anti-trafficking NGO Prajwala, the U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad, Kalinga Fellows and the International Justice Mission. It contains laws, rules and regulations, and verdicts of Court related to human trafficking. The books were released at Raj Bhavan on Wednesday by Prof Lal on Wednesday. This is a set of five user-friendly handbooks on human trafficking for duty-bearers in Odisha.