Lady ‘Singham’ Single-Handedly Dares Violent Mob

**Balasore: ** When the mob was turning out of control after a PCR van hit a person at the Police Line Chhak in Balasore town, IIC Prangya Mohanty reached there on receiving the information and single-handedly controlled the violent mob till more forces joined in.

“The brakes of the PCR van had failed and to keep the commuters safe, the driver curved it towards the left. But the vehicle hit some bystander, who got a bit injured. Taking advantage of the situation, some locals started ransacking the vehicle and beating up the policemen. On receiving the information, I rushed to the spot to take stock of the situation with a couple of my colleagues until more forces came to our aid. In a way, a grave situation was able to be averted,” said Prangya to OMMCOM NEWS in a telephonic conversation.

Prompt action by a lady ‘singham’ prevented occurrence of any untoward incident on Thursday evening.

According to sources, the mob had turned very violent and had started pelting stones at the police officials. The vehicle was also damaged totally.

Some policemen were injured including some media persons. Their cameras also got destroyed, said the brave IIC.


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