Latest Trend: Odisha Minister Resorts To Social Media Apology After Bashing In Public Meeting

**Bhubaneswar:** Odisha Agriculture Minister has tapped the latest way to sensationalise an issue, that is by posting a video on Facebook. Well known for his controversial jibes, be it political or social, the senior BJD leader posted a video clarifying his latest controversial remark against the Brahmin community where he had termed them as ‘Beggars’.

With around 75,000 views and 3,500 likes within a span of 12 hours, his video is the talk of the town shared almost 700 times in that time frame.

In his reactions posted on Facebook page, he defended, “My intention was to explain that agriculture is our occupation and we’re nourished in Jagannath culture. We have a deep faith that Brahmins are in a high position in our society and to seek their blessings, we cordially donate them with alms. On the contrary, the tribals may be in acute hunger and poverty, but never beg. Farmers never resort to committing suicide and bravely face natural calamity. They think that if they are alive, their family survives and thus the society also survives. This trend is 4000-4500 years old in Odisha.”

He further argued, “I don’t like those who are politicizing this and making hay out of it.”

He had resorted to the same methodology during his infamous ‘Anganwadi’ remark where he had made derogatory remarks against a woman BJP leader and anganwadi workers at a public meeting held in Jajpur district.The senior politician allegedly referred to Anganwadi workers as ‘Swamichhadi, Anganwadi’ (quitting husbands, joining Angwanwadis).

After BJP’s Mahila Morcha brigade was up in arms against him along with the Anganwadi workers, he tendered an apology on social media but in a taunting manner.


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