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Lawyers Demand Rs 5000 Cr Allocation In Annual Union Budget For Their Welfare, Submit Memo To Odisha Governor

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12 February 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: In accordance with the Bar Council of India’s resolution at New Delhi on February 2 this year, lawyers from across the State under the banner of Cuttack-based State Bar Council today submitted a memorandum with Odisha Governor Prof Ganeshi Lal.

The memorandum, comprising five-point charter of demands, has been addressed to the Prime Minister of India.

As per the memorandum, the lawyers demand:

1) All the Bar Associations of the country should have Chamber, adequate building/accommodation/sitting facilities with well equipped libraries, e-libraries with internet facilities, toilet, etc and separate sitting and toilet facilities for lady lawyers.

2) Budgetary allocation of Rs 5000 crores for lawyers and litigants' welfare in the Annual Union Budget.

This budgetary provision would cater to:

a) Insurance cover for the lawyers as well as their family members.

b) For the new and needy practicing lawyer Rs 10,000 stipend till five years of their practice.

c) Financial protection to the lawyers and their dependents in case of the premature death of a lawyer or if he/she becomes invalid untimely due to disease, accidents, etc.

(This budgetary fund is to be managed by State Bar Councils under the leadership of Advocate General and Chairman of State Bar Councils as proposed by the Chairman, Bar Council of India in his letter to Prime Minister; the ratio to be distributed to different State Bar Councils shall be decided by Bar Council of India.)

(For instance, the Telangana Government has made provisions for its 25,000 odd state-wide lawyers by allocating Rs 10,000 crore in the State’s annual budget in 2015. It has to also provide for an annual budgetary fund of Rs 10 crores every year.)

3) Government should frame schemes to acquire lands at cheaper rates for the Housing of Advocates on the pattern of Haryana Government.

4) Legal Services Authority Act -Amendments and necessary changes should be made in the Act so that the functions under this Act could be discharged by the Lawyers (and not the Judges or Judicial Officers only).

5) All the Acts (which provide for appointments of retired Judges/Judicial Officers as the Presiding Officers/Member of different Tribunals, Commissions or Forums/Authorities) should be properly amended so that competent Advocates (and not only the Judges) could also be appointed to the posts.

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Debi Prasad Dhala, Member, State Bar Council

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Dr.Tahali Charan Mohanty, Chairman, State Bar Council