Locals Disrupt Power Generation At Machhakund Hydro Electric Project

Koraput: The power generation at the Machhakund (Machkund) Hydro Electric Project on the Andhra Pradesh and Odisha border in Koraput district has been disrupted by locals over non-fulfilment of their demands.

Reportedly, being a collaborative project of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, the Hospital on the project site was being run by the Andhra Pradesh Government. Recently, the Andhra Pradesh administration handed over the Hospital to a private organisation because of which many of the locals had to lose their jobs.

In protest, they closed the gates of the water discharge dam in Machkund reservoir as a result four out of six turbines of the power plant was shut down due to unavailability of water. The power generated from the Machhakund Hydro Electric Project helps in lighting many villages in both Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.


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