Lockdown 5.0 Very Likely Till June 15

Bhubaneswar: As India moves closer towards the end of the fourth version of national lockdown, the Centre, sources said is likely to extend the lockdown till June 15.

This implies, India will have its fifth edition of nationwide lockdown which will last for another two weeks, to combat and contain the spread of COVID-19 or novel coronavirus.

As per reports in National media, in the 5th phase of lockdown, the containment zones will however be reduced to 11 cities.

“States will be given freedom to take a call on religious places. No congregation or festival will however be allowed,” a report published on a national news portal read.

Malls and theatres to remain closed during the ‘fifth’ phase of lockdown , the report added. “Except for schools, colleges, malls, cinemas states will have the freedom to open up all that they wish to including mandir-masjid-gurudwara,” it added.

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